Nizuc Resort & Spa


I just returned from my company’s sales conference at Nizuc Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. This is my third time assisting at our sales conference. I knew the location would be nice but I had no idea it would be this nice.

The resort opened in 2013 and is located 15 minutes from Cancun International Airport. The property has six restaurants, four bars, several suite and villa buildings, a convention center, a spa, four pools and several other amenities.


I had a suite near the main building with an idyllic view of the ocean. Since this location is relatively brand new, the rooms were full of the latest conveniences. From the automated black-out curtains, Bluetooth sound system, gorgeous bath tub, to the Nespresso machine-I was quickly spoiled.


After working hard for three days, I had a day off to find a little relaxation. I never had the chance to relax at the beach or sit at the pool but I did have the chance to use the spa. Simply put, this was the most amazing spa experience I have ever had.

I had a 50 minute massage scheduled and many people recommend arriving at least 90 minutes early to enjoy the “Thermal Experience.” A concierge takes you through a circuit of saunas, plunge pools and much, much more. I could have left without getting the massage and been completely satisfied.


Food at each of Nizuc’s many restaurants was delicious. Of all of the restaurants, Ramona Restaurant was my favorite. Ramona specializes in gourmet Mexican cuisine in a beautiful setting. The food that was provided by the hotel for our company events was also delicious and beautifully presented.


The architecture and branding at Nizuc is a perfect marriage of visual design. As a graphic designer, my eye was caught as soon I checked in at the front desk. I found myself infatuated with the hotel’s branding. I searched around and located some information about their identity.




The last element to point out about Nizuc is the service. Every single employee of the property constantly went out of their way for my company’s conference. Our attendees raved nonstop about the caliber of the service.

Nizuc Resort & Spa comes highly recommended if you need a sunny spot to escape to and receive world-class service. My wife and I have been talking about our 20th wedding anniversary and I’m quite sure this is now at the top of our list. I look forward to returning to Nizuc and sharing this beautiful property with her.



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