Pizza Jerk


I’ve been hearing a lot about Pizza Jerk since it opened in late November. Pizza Jerk is the latest creation of Tommy Habetz of Bunk Fame. Tommy has East Coast roots and his intention was to revisit those roots.

Knowing pretty much nothing about East Coast pizza, I just went on the assumption that since it’s coming from Tommy, it’s gonna be good. We were not disappointed.


We started off with spaghetti and meatballs. Simply put, they were awesome. Nothing too exotic or fancy but just something your mom may have made (on a good day). The garlic bread that accompanied was to die for.


Picking a pizza was the biggest challenge of our visit. We “settled” on a broccoli rabe and fennel sausage pizza. It was huge, tasty and the crust was thin and just the right amount of chewy. Tommy does a traditional clam pizza (with bacon) that I’m determined to go back and try soon.

We left stuffed, satisfied and armed with leftovers for dinner. I loved Pizza Jerk-the food and the setting. If you’re looking for guaranteed delicious, make a visit to Pizza Jerk soon.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Jerk

    • The first time we went, we hit at an off time so not crowded at all. The second time we hit it was prime time and it was BUSY. My entire family loved it and we can’t wait to hit it again. Enjoy, Erin!

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