IMG_5728Khruangbin has been on my radar ever since they appeared on Bonobo’s Late Night Tales album (also a fantastic collection) with their track “A Calf Born in Winter.” They have a sound I have yet to find in any other band in my musical collection.

Khruangbin (Thai for ‘airplane’) is a trio from Texas. One of their major influences is 70s Thai funk. Listen long enough and you’ll pick that up in the guitar. Their first, full-length album, “The Universe Smiles Upon You,” was released on November 6. This traditionally instrumental band explores new territory on this album by adding vocals to the mix on some of the tracks.


Khruangbin has a couple of EPs out there and they are definitely worth picking up. Here’s a couple of samples from those EPs:


This band is PERFECT scene setting music. Whether you’re going on a long walk or slipping into the tub, this band makes music to help your mind let go. I have totally fallen in love with the sound of this band.

I’ve been telling everyone I know who is musically inclined to check these guys out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

One thought on “Khruangbin

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve listened to them the past 2 days at work and it helped my day actually! It’s a little funky for me but I have an appreciation for them, for sure. I particularly liked “Firecracker” and a song from the “Slumber Sessions” that had Thai lyrics, made me crave PokPok! 😉 I now also know how to say airplaine in Thai! 🙂

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