Pine Shed Ribs and Barbecue


I was invited to sample the menu at Pine Shed Ribs and Barbecue in Lake Oswego. The owner, Matt Ramey, hails from my hometown-San Luis Obispo, CA. He learned how to grill Santa Maria style barbecue in his youth and adds his own twist by adding a little smoke to his version.


I started off with a sampler of some of the beers on tap. On a previous visit, I discovered Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin for the first time here. They’ve done a great job of selecting an assortment of beers that pair with their meats.


The first round of plates to make it to the table were a selection of sides. They were all outstanding in there own right but I have to admit, I’m still thinking about that cornbread. Matt has a few twists on his recipe that will leave you thinking about it long after you leave.


If you like a good mac and cheese, this one will not disappoint. The chunks of bacon are very impressive. The pinquito beans (a staple of Santa Maria style BBQ) hit their mark as well.

Next up was the main event: M-E-A-T! I dined on Tri-Tip, beef and pork ribs, chicken and house made sausage. Of course it was all as delicious as it looks. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the chicken. I usually skip chicken figuring I can swing it at home but this chicken was so good. The next time I go, pollo is on the list for sure.


House made sausage along with Mac & Cheese and Pinquito Beans.


Slices of Tri-Tip and beef ribs.


Chicken and pork ribs.


Matt Ramey of Pine Shed Ribs

I definitely learned a thing or two about barbecue from Matt Ramey. In addition to his restaurant, Matt offers catering and smoked turkeys, prime rib and hams for the holidays. When does this guy sleep?


Last up for the night was dessert. A tray of the largest and tastiest chocolate chip cookies appeared with a peach and berry cobbler. Luckily I slowed down enough on the meats to enjoy a few bites.

This was my second visit to Pine Shed and I can’t wait to go back with my entire family. I love the food and the atmosphere. The food instantly teleports me back to Higuera Street on a Thursday night at the Farmer’s Market in SLO. Well worth a trip to Lake Oswego! (Thank you Pine Shed for the delicious dinner. Pine Shed treated me to dinner but my thoughts and impressions are solely mine).

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