Hop Dog


Today was one of those weird days as best laid workout plans were quashed by an IT emergency at my desk that lasted through the lunch hour. When it was all said and done, my usual lunch partners were long gone so I was on my own.

I did a little brainstorming on the way out and decided to give Hop Dog a spin. HD is the latest creation from Portland food powerhouse Katie Poppe, Micah Camden and Matt Lynch (Blue Star Donuts, Little Big Burger, Son of a Biscuit, Boxer Ramen…).


Hop dog is located near to what I affectionately call “Fat F*ck Alley.” FFA is the part of SW 12th that is flat out loaded with all sorts of tasty spots-Grüner, Multnomah Whiskey Library, Ruby Jewel and many more.

I stumbled in post prime lunch hour and found an empty spot. They’ve only been open a few weeks and I don’t think word has quite gotten out yet. They’re right around the corner from the next Kure and I’m guessing traffic will pick up once they open as well.


The Hop Dog menu features three fixed dog options and one rotating dog. I went for the rotating dog, the Rex. It was a tasty beef dog with a pretzel bun baked at nearby Nuvrei. This dog was topped with carmelized onions and gruyere cheese-French Onion soup ingredients on a dog.


This dog was just what I needed. I walked away satisfied with a little room left for dinner. It’s not a cheap dog but I’ve learned to get over the price point. It’s one thing to go to Costco and get a hot dog with mystery meat for $1.50 and it’s another thing to spend a little extra but get a wonderfully crafted dog in return. Between Hop Dog and Clutch Sausagery, you’ve got options in this town if you want a special dog.


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