Chicken and Guns


Chicken and Guns opened about 3 weeks ago. They feature locally sourced chickens roasted over white oak and mesquite. Their inspiration came to them from roadside vendors roasting chickens in Mexico.

The menu is super simple: Whole/Half/Quarter chicken with your choice of potatoes or salad. The potatoes are fried with lemon and sea salt and topped with a salsa cruda and a Peruvian Aji sauce. The salad is a mixture of greens, grains and veggies with a chimichurri sauce. Add an egg if you like but that’s it.

My daughter (@minicartwhisperer) and I both opted for the same: Quarter chicken with potatoes. Between the smokey and seasoned flavor of the chicken and the flavors of the Aji sauce, we were both in heaven.

This place is so worth a special trip to Cartopia just to get that some of that damn chicken. Get here before everyone else figures it out. Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Chicken and Guns

  1. There seems to be a roasted chicken trend right now!! Polle Norte opened in the winter and seems to sell out a lot. This is a nice concept and I hope to try it one day.

    • No complaints here, Maxine. I still need to get to Pollo Norte. I’ve heard they’ve expanded a bit and don’t sell out as quickly as they used too. Now I’m getting hungry.

  2. This place looks really cute. I love the concept of just offering one thing made really well, rather than an extensive menu, especially for a cart. PS – I love that your daughter’s IG handle is minicartwhisperer! So sweet.

    • It was so tasty, Erin. I highly recommend a visit. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I love that my daughter has adopted my moniker as well. That girl’s got a seriously good palette for a 10 year old.

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