Good news kids, your summer jam album dropped a week ago today but nobody told you. I’m here to clue you in. Acclaimed DJ and producer, RJD2 teamed up with rapper, STS to create an awesome album – STS x RJD2.

I’ve been a big fan of RJD2 ever since the Deadringer album came out in 2002. One of my other long time favorites is the Magnificent City album he recorded with vocal artist Aceyalone back in 2006. If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, then you’ve been exposed to RJD2 as he composed the opening track (A Beautiful Mine).

RJD2 has been on and off my radar ever since but he came back in 2011 with a project with Aaron Livingston called Icebird. About now you start to realize that RJD2 lays down some great arrangements and he has figured out how to partner with complimentary vocalists.

In 2013, the album More Is Than Isn’t came out and that really put RJD2 back on the map for me. My thought back then (and today) is that the man just continues to get better and better with each release. The song, I Hate to See You Leave (featuring STS and Khari Mateen) was my first real exposure to STS. STS has also appeared with The Roots, Jazzy Jeff, Ciara and more.

This brings me to last Tuesday. I follow RJD2 on the Instagrams and he posted that his new collaboration album with STS was out. I listened to the samples in the morning and picked it up on the way home that night. I just new I had to have it.

These guys together on an entire album is just pure chemistry to me. The musical hooks are all there, the lyrics are crafty and it all just flows so nicely. It’s been pointed out more than once that STS has an André 3000 sound that’s hard to deny. I don’t know if it’s because STS is also originally from Atlanta but I ain’t asking too many questions.

This album sounds like summer to me. I just wanna hop in the car, roll the windows down and crank this album way too loud. Enjoy!

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