Deutschland Curry

DC 3

[Bad news kids, this cart has bid Auf Wiedersehen to the world]

There’s a great cart over on 5th Avenue that serves German street food: Deutschland Curry. I’ve never been to Germany so I gotta take their word for it. I’ve been two times in the last few months and I have really enjoyed both meals.

I’ve walked by many times and their special of the week board always caught my eye. The first meal I had was a spicy Korean barbecued pork with Napa cabbage and homemade spätzle. Lucky me, I got the last order.

DC 5

The flavor combination of the sweet and spicy was amazing. This was definitely not your normal food cart meal. My boss had an order of spicy north Indian curry over bratwurst and hand-cut fries. It was flavorful and definitely packed a spicy punch.

DC 2 2

On my most recent visit, I ordered off the special board again and scored another pork dish that was cooked in paprika, saffron and olives served with grilled hominy and kale. Again, another amazing meal that you would expect to find in a sit down restaurant and not from a cart.

DC 2 3

If you’re looking for something different for lunch, I highly recommend Deutschland Curry. Keep an eye on their special board because you never know what kind of fantastic combinations they are going to whip up.

DC 4

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