Måurice Luncheonette

Maurice 6

A good friend and I arranged to have lunch last week. We met up outside her building and started to walk with no particular destination in mind. She’s the adventurous type so I know we’ll always end up someplace tasty. When she said, “What do you think about going to Måurice?”…I got a little giddy inside.

I have passed by Måurice a million times with the idea of going for a long lunch someday on a day off. I always told myself a glass of wine with lunch at this place seems like the only sensible way to make it long and lazy. I was working this particular day but I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

Måurice is a fairly new restaurant that made Bon Appetite’s best restaurants of 2014 list. In fact, they came in at number 9. It’s tiny, all white and the cutest place you’ve likely set foot in. I felt like I was in a Wes Anderson movie for a second when I first walked in-it’s so perfect. Her pastries are one of the first things you see when you enter and they look fabulous. Unfortunately for my friend and I, we didn’t have the room for sweets when we finished lunch.

Manilla Clams

Manilla Clams

We shared an order of manilla clams with moroccan olives, brussel sprouts topped with Italian parsley. The broth that accompanied these clams was heavenly. I think we had to order a second round of sliced bread to sop as much broth as possible.

Maurice 1


I opted for the Smørbrød (open faced sandwich). The base layer was a house-cured gravlax toped with avocado, cucumber, roe and dill. It was delicious.

Maurice 4

Polenta Clafoutis

My friend went for the Polenta topped with a poached egg. This dish was deceiving at first. It seemed like a bit of a small serving until we took a bite. It was so rich and creamy. Just dreamy.

That was it for our visit. We were both pleasantly full and didn’t want to go over that edge with dessert. I truly look forward to coming back on a day off so I can enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy a pastry after my meal. If you really want to treat yourself, Måurice is the perfect place to make it happen. What a delightful restaurant in Portland.

Maurice 7Maurice 5Maurice 2

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