My Favorite 25 Albums from 2014

2014 Covers

I’ve always wanted to do one of those end of the year album recaps. Now that I have a blog, what better place to do it? Just a disclaimer: This isn’t a “best of 2014” list counting down to #1. These are 25 of my favorite albums that came out in 2014, and more importantly, I found myself coming back to them again and again throughout the year. There is no particular ranking.

Click on an album to listen to a sample. I hope you find something you may have overlooked in 2014. Happy listening!

Awake Bells-and-Whistles Built-On-Glass Dunes Hard-Believer Hold-My-Home I-Forget-Where-We-Were Kins Liminal Magnetica Mutineers My-Favourite-Faded-Fantasy Nobody-Wants-to-Be-Here-and-Nobody-Wants-to-Leave Owl-John Run-The-Jewels-2 Sadnecessary-(Bonus-Track-Version) So-Long,-See-You-Tomorrow Strangers The-Voyager They-Want-My-Soul Tremors Twelve-Reasons-To-Die World-Peace-Is-None-of-Your-Business-(Deluxe-Edition) Yasiin-Gaye_-The-Departure-(Side-One) Zaba

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