Stadium Arcadium

stadium arcadium

I kinda wrestled with sharing this but I have to admit my full on love for this album. I’m old, this dates me, etc. I know the RHCP have become a caricature of themselves but there’s something to this 8 year-old double album that still grabs me. This is one of those albums I load every so often, listen to the shit out of it and then shelve it for a little while. I swear I could hop in the car, put this on and drive and drive.

There’s just a great listenability to this album that’s hard for me to explain. I don’t know if it’s the sentiment of the lyrics, the amazing guitar work of John Frusciante or just the band grooving so well together.

I still remember making a Tuesday morning trek to Borders to pick up this album to get it in my hands. I saw them on this tour in Portland and it was a great show.

I’ve been a fan since my friend, Tyler, introduced them to me back in 1988. I’ve got other faves from this but this album really stands out for me.

Anyone else enjoy this album? If so, what about it grabs you?

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