Owl John

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This has to be one of my more random music discoveries in a while. Friday night (don’t get me started on how much I hate Friday nights) and I’m flipping through Spotify looking at new releases. I pass by this Illustration on the cover of the Owl John (Scott Hutchison) album and I’m immediately intrigued. Seems interesting enough so I start playing the album. After a few minutes, I realized stumbled onto something pretty damn good. Laughing at myself because, for a second, I feel like one of those people who buy wine “just for the label.”

I have to admit, I have no exposure to Frightened Rabbit (Scott’s band) so I’m experiencing all of him for the first time. I pick up a little Sufjan Stevens in his voice which is cool by me. Now that I’ve discovered Scott’s solo work, I’m on a quest to visit the Frightened Rabbit catalog. The local library has a few of their CDs and I already picked up my hold on “The Winter of Mixed Drinks.”

I’m excited to have some new music to check out. I’ve picked up a few videos from Owl John for you to check out. If you are a fan, let me know which albums are your favorite.

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