Peace-Lost On Me

Peace has a new video out that pokes a little fun at boy bands and silly music videos in general. They have a second album in the works as a follow up to 2013’s We Are In Love. This is the second single off their new album following Money.

I found Peace back in early 2013 off of a podcast and have been a fan ever since. They came through Portland right after the Sasquatch festival in May 2013 and I went and saw them at Mississippi Studios. I felt really bad for them as it was a Monday night and not a lot of people showed up. To their credit, they came out and played their asses off like it was a full house.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what album #2 brings. Here’s the video along with my favorite Peace song from We Are In Love-‘Bloodshake’. I’m probably three times older than the oldest member but I really like this band. Enjoy!

Here’s ‘Bloodshake’ (LOVE where it starts breaking down at 2:50 and melts into and all-out jam after that)

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