I’ve been a fan of Ben Howard ever since I heard ‘Oats in the Water’ on an episode of the The Walking Dead. I also remember listening to Ben on the way to work one morning and getting completely blown away by ‘The Fear.’ I had that song on repeat all morning.

I stumbled across a new song, ‘End of the Affair’ that was premiered last night. It starts out with some mellow acoustic guitar and his haunting voice and builds to a terrific jam at the end. It’s a longer song but well worth a listen.

No firm date has been set yet but I’m sure details will come out soon. It sounds like this album will less poppy and have longer songs. I’m very much looking forward to this album. I’m also lighting a candle hoping that Ben Howard makes it over to Portland soon. I’ve seen enough Youtube videos of him to convince me his live shows are the real deal.

Have a listen!

Here’s a live version from Bonnaroo (more new songs if you search around too):

Ben Howard-End of the Affair

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