Bonobo – The Plug

Animal Magic

This is one of the only songs I can think of where I love the original, the live version and the re-mixed version all immensely. Each version is a different animal from the other, too.

“Didn’t mean to tell you, but I guess you got to know.”

I found a person on Instagram that has very similar music tastes to mine but also slightly different. We got on the thread of “chill” music the other day and I mentioned this song as one of my faves when I need to relax. We went back and forth with, “Have you heard this version?”

How about you? Any songs in your library you find as versatile?

3 thoughts on “Bonobo – The Plug

  1. But Bonobo’s trip-hop (it’s just the way I describe some of his music) is second to none, and Animal Magic is an incredible album. I’m going to listen to it now in fact.

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