Burrasca 1We had a fun day biking around Portland yesterday when the question of where to get lunch came up. In this town, it can take an hour of sorting out all the great choices before a decision is made. My daughter, a.k.a. #minicartwhisper, chimed in and said, “Wolf and Bear’s!” So off we went to one of the best food cart pods in town: SE 28th and Ankeny. Aside from Wolf and Bear’s (which I love), you’ll find Grilled Cheese Grill, Güero, Captured by Porches, PDX Steak Frites and Burrasca.

I’ve read several reviews of Burrasca and decided it was finally time to give it a go. I ordered Gnudi (my very first time trying) prepared in a sage butter sauce. In retrospect, I probably should have ordered a second dish to help fill me up but I still had no regrets. I loved the butter sauce, it had just the right touch of sage for my tastes. Being a big fan of Gnochi, this dish was a no-brainer for me. I also hit Captured by Porches to get a nice stout to accompany my meal.

I realize one dish from a cart probably isn’t sufficient to conduct a proper review. Based on what I had, I’d definitely go back to explore the rest of the menu. I think of this cart as more of a gourmet experience. You’re definitely going to spend more money here than your normal cart excursion but you’re also going to be in for a treat that you’d be more likely to experience at a nice Italian restaurant.

My advice is to come with an appetite, a little patience and perhaps smuggle in a little Chianti. Good eating to be had in this spot.

Burrasca 3


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