Late Night Tales


If you’ve never heard of the Late Night Tales music series, you are in for one audio adventure. The basic premise is that an artist is selected to curate a mix of their favorite tunes for a late night fix. The series originally started out as “Another Late Night” and I stumbled onto it when I picked up one of the very first releases featuring Fila Brazilia.

One of my all time favorite DJs, Bonobo, was selected to do a mix that went on sale in the fall of 2013. There are so many outstanding artists on this album I don’t even know where to begin. The best part of these mixes is that I discover so many new artists or at least a curiosity to find out more about them. One of my favorite examples is Dorothy Ashby. I’ve listened to my fair share of jazz in my life but never came across this jazz harpist until she was introduced to me by Bonobo. Once I started to dig into her catalog, I fell in love with her music. Look for other amazing tracks from Bonobo (covering Donovan), Nina Simone, Airhead, Peter and Kerry…just to name a few.

My second favorite release out of this series is from Cinematic Orchestra. The most moving song on this one is from Sébastian Tellier and it’s called, “La Ritournelle” and I think it’s just so beautiful on so many levels. Some other tracks I enjoy are from Nick Drake, Terry Callier and Shuggie Otis.

The last one I’ll leave you with is the first volume from Belle & Sebastian. Here’s a track from RJD2:

At last count on the LNT website, there are 37 releases out there for you to choose from. I still have yet to explore them all and you’ll be surprised at some of the choices made by the artists. I highly recommend getting started with the Bonobo release.

Are you already a lover of Late Night Tales? I’d love to hear which are your favorites. Share your favorite release(s) and some of the tracks that caught your ear.


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