Chef & Spinning Plates

As much as I love movies, it seems it’s only about once a year I actually get to a movie theatre. Chef was the movie that got me into a theater this year and I finally saw it today. Funny story with this movie, I actually stumbled on the soundtrack on iTunes long before I knew about the movie. I ended up buying the soundtrack well ahead of seeing the movie. The last time I heard a soundtrack like this, it was probably from Garden State. This soundtrack is the perfect background music for when you’re getting busy in the kitchen (cooking, that is).

A friend of mine contacted me and told me I HAD to see this flick. Man, she was spot on.

The movie itself is definitely geared to lovers of food. There are a ton of people (Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Sofia Vergara and many more) in this movie. I thought the ending was a little too Hollywood perfect but the overall feeling from this film is great. Definitely a feel good movie when you’re walking out of the theater.

Switching gears, a friend recommended the documentary, Spinning Plates. This documentary profiles three very different restaurants and the personal stories behind them. I’m pretty sure the interview with Francisco Martinez from Arizona had me teary eyed in the first five minutes. I got my entire family to tune into this film and my 9 year-old foodie daughter was sucked in right away.

So what are some of your favorite food themed movies? I would love to hear your suggestions.



6 thoughts on “Chef & Spinning Plates

  1. Chef looks great! I hadn’t even heard about it. I agree I don’t get to the theater very often but I’ve added it to Netflix! Thanks for sharing.
    More wine themed, but my husband and I recently watched the documentary Somm about the Master Sommelier exam. It was really interesting and certainly gave you an appreciation for all they know about wine. I definitely recommend it.

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