Rum Club


Rum Club is old hat for you professional cocktailers out there but I had the pleasure of paying a visit a few weeks ago. Sad to say it had been just about a year since my last visit. Happy hours are few and far between for me but I cherish the chance when it arrives. For 12 months, when I thought of Rum Club, I always thought of the smokey tinted cocktail I had. I finally got the chance to scratch that itch.

“The Old Quartermaster” and I were reunited and it was just as tasty as I had remembered. Although Rum Club is obviously geared toward rum themed cocktails, smokey scotch is the star of this drink. My second cocktail (and one of my favorite names) was the “Red Headed Stranger.” Tequilla and one giant cube are the two things to remember for this one. Also shared some tasty happy hour treats: Pickled eggs and a Churrasco half-sandwich.

Even though Rum Club has been around a while, I feel like a lot people still haven’t been. If you cherish a well crafted cocktail, get yourself to Rum Club. Cheers!

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